Mirjam Manusama
is a slow fashion-, costume- and art-designer,  encouraging conscious consumption and self-expression through fashion and art. Mirjam Manusama resides in the city of Rotterdam (the Netherlands).

Fashion designer Mirjam Manusama is originally from Middelburg in Zeeland, where she grew up studying at the Vrije School (Rudolf Steiner philosophy) and developed her passion for fashion and art. In Utrecht, she studied fashion design and worked with renowned designers.

The freedom to develop her creativity and create unique garments led her to become a slow fashion design entrepreneur. She professionalized in drapery and asymmetry with dominantly black garments in her collections. Over the past few years, she specialized in costume designs for dance performers and has designed a range of commissioned collections. Every garment is designed and handmade by her or an intern in her atelier.

In 2017 Mirjam Manusama founded Atelier Manusama in Rotterdam. Her new slow fashion label Manusama Nuance was launched in 2020.

At Manusama Nuance conscious art/fashion and costume design are the core elements of her craft.

Manusama Nuance is dedicated to raising awareness for responsible consumption and production by establishing a transparent label. Mirjam Manusama mainly selects natural fabrics as well as re-using and incorporating rest-fabrics. These are designed to be worn year-round (seasonless).

Mirjam Manusama is also known as a visual artist and Yoni Art workshop facilitator. Motivated by her personal experiences, Mirjam uses her intuitive art as a means to inspire and transmute themes like femininity and guide women through drawing and reflection.

With her label Manusama Nuance, Mirjam’s aims are to highlight craftsmanship and high-quality fashion while embracing comfort and meaningful clothing while leaving a positive impact.

” Clothing is the shell of the body and the body is the shell of the soul.” – M.M.