Mirjam Manusama
is a fashion-, costume- and art-designer,  dreaming up conscious art to inspire and spread awareness. Mirjam Manusama is born in Middelburg (Zeeland) and resides in the city of Rotterdam (the Netherlands).

As a child, she’s continuously surrounded with creativity thanks to the Vrije School, (Rudolf Steiner’s educational philosophy).
At home, the same anthroposophic principles are applied. The freedom she is granted makes it possible for her to develop her individuality and to explore life, shaping her into the woman she is today.

Mirjam Manusama is fueled by the spiritual aspects infusing her life. Infinity is within each garment. Wear it and experience wandering the boundless world of her art.

Mirjam Manusama finds avenues to express herself through clothing. She’s able to create a husk for the human body by drawing endless forms, tapping into her vast imagination and the touch of different fabrics.
Her hand-made one of a kind designs contain her ‘vivrant’ signature: asymmetry, drapery and the color black. Curiosity in asexuality (genderlessness) is also a growing signature within her clothing

“How I feel in what I wear is very important to me. Because clothing is the shell of the body and the body is the shell of the soul.” – M.M.

With her creations, Mirjam Manusama intents to give the wearer a special and unique feeling.
Her own spiritual development, has transformed her into a conscious and authentic designer.